Introduction to Psychoanalytic Therapy of the Borderline Disorder of the Self: The Masterson Approach

The aim of this presentation of the work of Dr. James F. Masterson is to introduce Clinical Psychologists, Counseling Psychologists and Psychiatrists to an effective therapeutic approach to treating the unique, even explosive, world of the pre-oedipal patient. The suffering that goes hand in hand with the split object relations world of the Borderline Disorder of the Self poses a familiar challenge to those engaged in the helping professions. James Masterson brings a unique perspective to the treatment of the Borderline Disorder of the Self — an orientation he calls a Developmental, Self and Object Relations Approach. The course will provide the theoretical background and demonstrate the technical application of Dr. Masterson’s model. Students will receive a well thought-through curriculum that exposes you to Masterson’s work. This theoretical understanding will form the foundation from which therapeutic technique will be taught.

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